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young woman on phone useful apps

Useful Apps

Managing Your Health on the Go

Where can you get help managing your health while you’re on the go? We’ve found some free apps we think you’ll find useful.

Useful Apps - Sydney Health Mobile App

Sydney Health Mobile App

Make healthy happen, wherever you go. Always have your member ID card with you. Make check-in easier at your doctor visits or to manage prescriptions.

Useful Apps - Sydney Community

Sydney Community

Sydney Community is an app that connects you with other members going through similar life experiences. Use the same login information for the Sydney Health mobile app and/or secure member portal to join your community today.

Useful Apps - LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth Online

See a doctor 24/7 on your computer or mobile device. No appointments and no long wait times.

Useful Apps - CaringBridge


Stay connected with loved ones during tough times.

Useful Apps - First Aid by ARC

First Aid by ARC

Step-by-step first aid tips whenever you need them.

Useful Apps - Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy

Let's you log and keep track of your blood sugar.

Useful Apps - MediSafe


Tells you when it's time to take your medicine.

Useful Apps - My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal

Track calories, exercise and weight each day.

Useful Apps - My Pregnancy Today

My Pregnancy Today

See how your pregnancy is progressing day by day.

Useful Apps - Spark Recipes Healthy Recipes

Spark Recipes Healthy Recipes

Search more than 190,000 healthy recipes.

Useful Apps - State of the Air

State of the Air

Let's you check the air quality wherever you are.

Useful Apps - Fast Food Calories

Fast Food Calories

Check more than 20,000 menu items from 108 restaurants.

Useful Apps - Calm


Relax and relieve stress with calming music, sounds and visuals.

Useful Apps - Stop Breathe and Think

Stop Breathe and Think

Let this app guide you through mindfulness exercises.

Useful Apps - Unique Daily Affirmations

Unique Daily Affirmations

Use this app to manage negative self-talk.

Useful Apps - Virtual Hope Box

Virtual Hope Box

Use a variety of tools to help you relax and cope with stress.